About Luis Plancarte

As Imperial County residents we continue to face important regional issues, including infrastructure improvements and maintenance, water, economic development and job creation.

I chose to serve, and therefore run, for elected office to serve and address those issues so critical to the well-being and long-term growth of our communities. I bring experience and problem-solving skills to the table and have a long-standing record of coalition building in both the public and private sectors.

My extensive background working with and leading people uniquely qualifies me to serve you in a position where consensus building, and responsible long-term planning are essential.

As an Imperial Valley native and lifelong resident, I have spent almost 30 years in El Centro raising my family and have invested over 40 years helping to improve my communities and I look forward to the continued use of my skills to serve and work on your behalf.

I am proud to have the support and endorsement of the San Diego & Imperial County Labor Council.

Economic Development

Economic Development is essential for our county by creating a more responsive, collaborative and supportive environment for attracting and retaining businesses County-wide.

Job Creation and Training

Ensuring we have a well-prepared workforce is vital to sustain new industries. I will continue my efforts to ensure the availability of relevant career technical training programs and higher educational opportunities are available for residents.

Salton Sea Restoration

The Salton Sea continues to be a problem for our region. I will continue the efforts made to restore the Salton Sea while protecting the water rights of our citizens.

Quality of life

I intend to continue doing all I can to improve quality of life in our communities, including improving the environment, our health, and ensuring that access to affordable housing, public, social and behavioral programs is available.


We are always looking for campaign volunteers. If you would like a sign, banner or to help distribute materials, host a fundraiser or help at events, click on the link below and let me know how you'd like to help.


If you have any questions about why I'm running or how I can help you feel free to reach out to me directly. I look forward to continuing to serve as your County Supervisor, District 2.